Winter Hats

Our winter collection, in both formal and casual hats and caps, is made from fine fur felts, Irish tweeds and warm wools. Designed for chilly mornings, rainy days and frosty evenings, we’ve a style to keep every head warm.

Hanna Tweed 8-piece Bakerboy Cap On sale
Avenel Goat-hide Dress Cap On sale
Ladies `Luna' Wool Cloche On sale
Avenel Wool Ascot Cap On sale
Hanna Plain Tweed Vintage Cap On sale
Kangol 504 Cap On sale


Kangol 504 Cap

$72.00 $90.00

Avenel Harold Trilby On sale
Hanna Donegal Tweed Walking Hat On sale
Hanna Tweed Touring Cap On sale
Brixton Heist Beanie On sale