With the services that we offer, City Hatters is not only able to provide you with the season's latest styles, but can assist you to rejuvinate your favourite hats.



City Hatters stocks a huge range of both formal and casual men's hats, as well as an expanding range of women's hats, so we hope to have every head covered! With new stock arriving regularly, we will always endeavour to match you with the perfect piece to suit your needs and desires.



Did your Panama get caught in the rain? New puppy chewed up your favourite cap? Need to have your old Akubra resized and reshaped after a bit too much hard work? Come by the shop and chat to our in-house milliner to see what we can do to restore your much-loved headwear back to its former glory.



If you really love something in-store but feel it could be that little bit better if only... City Hatters is proud to offer a range of alterations that can sometimes even be performed while you wait: custom coloured ribbons, binding, reshaping, linings, chinstraps, you name it and we'll do our best to accommodate.